Sunday, 23 April 2017

Hordron Road and LDV 23/4/17.

Dry and sunny and great to be out and about. The only complaint was the heat haze now and again. Good birding with a Red Kite for a good 5 minutes up harden clough before drifting off west. Merlin 1, Buzzard 6+, Kestrel 1 and a Peregrine reported by another birder. Also 3 Ravens, 6 Ring Ouzels, 4 Wheatears, 20 Siskin with probably a lot more in the conifers. 2 Oystercatchers in the barmings area and a report of a Stonechat just west of upper hordron barn.

Cudworth Area

A Swift was over 'The Grove' housing estate this evening. (Jim Plant)

Storrs Mill Wood
Kingfisher, Green Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail and 2 Cormorant on the river.

Butterflies included Red Admiral, Peacock 13,  Holly Blue, Small Copper, Brimstone 7, orange-tip 47 and Small Tort 52. (Chris Parkin) Holly Blue is now starting to occur in suburban gardens locally.

Wintersett - Make that 7 Cetti's 23.04.17

4 - 13 degrees with sun,  light  cloud and a westerly breeze.
Cetti's Warblers:  A concerted effort, early this morning,  confirmed  7 male Cetti's Warblers were in the area.  6 on WRes. -  north bank,  north east corner,  south east corner,  west bank,  ruin area  and boathouse reeds and  1  in the SW corner of Anglers CP.   
Wintersett Res:  Sedge Warbler 2 m north bank.  A Whitethroat was on the west bank.
Haw Park Wood: Redpoll 1.  Green Woodpecker 1.
Cold Hiendley Res:  Common Tern 4. 
Anglers CP:   Little Ringed Plover 1.  Redshank 1.  Common Sandpiper 1. (This counts as a wader fest here!)  Snipe 1. Oystercatcher 5.    Teal 5. Goldeneye 8 + 2 WRes.. 
Critter: A Weasel was hunting near the hide ACP.  A Holly Blue and a Brimstone were  was seen and a Beefly was by the boathouse bench WRes.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Wintersett - A Tale of 6 Cetti's 22.04.17

7 - 13 degrees with 6/8 cloud and a light northerly.
A Tale of 6 Cetti's.
6 male Cetti's Warblers were confirmed in the area today.    Three of the  Wintersett Res birds,  boathouse reeds,  ruin area and the west bank,  were all behaving as usual.   Two male Cetti's were caught on the north east bank of WRes, by Archie,  this morning.  One was an unringed male and the other was a retrap, having been ringed  as an adult  on 06.07.16 on the west bank WRes.  At that time it was thought to be the south east corner,WRes. bird that moved to the north bank of Cold Hiendley Res. during the 2016 breeding season.  A new male Cetti's Warbler has appeared in the south west corner of Anglers CP and was singing this morning and again this afternoon.
Other sightings today:
Wintersett Res: A Red Kite flew over south at 10.15hrs.  Common Tern 1 over north.   Sedge Warbler 1,  Shoveler 2,  Grey Wagtail 1, Willow Tit 2,  Swift 5 and Snipe 1.  A Whitethroat was on the north east bank.
Moorhouse Lane Pond: Lesser Whitethroat 1m.  Little Grebe 1
Anglers CP: A 1stW Yellow-legged Gull flew south at 11.05hrs.  Pocahrd 1 pair.  Wigeon 1 pair.  Teal 6.  13/24  holes have been excavated in the Sand Martin Box. 
WRes Ringing Highlights from 2 stations - west bank and north east bank,
Cetti's Warbler 1 m.  Chiffchaff 2,  Blackcap 2.  Willow Warbler 2.  Sedge Warbler 1.  Song Thrush 1.
Cold Hiendley SF:  This evening per @Fitzybirder - Yellow Wagtail 8,   Grey Wagtail 2 and  Pied Wagtail 9.
                         Yellow Wagtail                 CHSF       PMeredith

Langsett, The Little Don and Hartcliffe

An enjoyable jaunt around Langsett, The Little Don and, latterly, Hartcfliffe, with messrs Dixon, Haywood and Linnington. Of note: 5 Common Sandpipers at langsett Res., a total of 21 Wheatears around the Little Don/Swinden Plantation area, 14 Crossbills inc a streaky juvenile, 21 Ring Ousels around the Little Don and Mickleden Beck, 3 singing Male Redstarts (2 in Long Moor Clough, 1 at langsett Res., several Ravens, single Dipper and at least 4 Buzzards.
At Hartcliffe a Red Kite circled the rendering plant for 5 mins before flying off west. Also of note here were 16 Golden Plover and 8 Wheatears,

Carlton Marsh

The lads did well this morning picking up new arrivals Sedge Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat. Another Whitethroat arrived, Grasshopper Warbler was 'reeling' and there were 3 Reed Warblers singing. (Jim Plant Richard Laverack) Also of note 3 Buzzard, 2 Redshank, 2 LRP, 2 Teal, Grey Wagtail, 2 Swallows and Tawny Owl called at 18.13hrs.

Butterflies seen today were Peacock 9, Small Tort 7, Comma 5, Orange-tip 36m, Speckled Wood 14, Brimstone 2m and Large White 3. (Chris Parkin)

Low Moor 22/4/17, D Simmonite, S Green.

11am to 2pm. Very steady with no Snipe and just 2 Crossbills. Good for Buzzard with 8+. Peregrine 2, Kestrel 2, Sparrowhawk 1 which flushed all the Lapwing with one looking like it had chicks but became hidden by the grass. Siskin 3.

Newmillerdam - 21 April 2017

Linnet and woodcock added to the site list this week, to bring the yearly total to 76.

Having twice been pretty sure that I'd flushed woodcock this year around Newmillerdam and Seckar, I'd hoped that a spot of birding after work might give me a better opportunity to be sure. Seckar Wood didn't let me down. Two woodcock flew together over the heathland on Wednesday evening, and repeated the display for me again today.

There are two pairs of great crested grebes settled at Newmillerdam and the juvenile whooper swan has now departed. It was photographed on Sunday, but had departed when I visited on Wednesday.

Three lapwing were feeding in the field west of Seckar Wood today, which has been recently ploughed and I recorded my first linnet at Seckar on Monday.

Twice this year I've met people at Seckar who have reported lesser-spotted woodpecker to me. One pretty adamant that it was a lesser he'd seen, the other reporting what someone else had told him. On neither occasion was I able to verify the record and boy have I looked for them this year! So whilst I've not had any luck, it's possible that they might still be in the Newmillerdam/ Seckar area.

Friday 21 April
Black-headed gull (3), blackcap (4), Canada goose (9), carrion crow (33), chiffchaff (8), collared dove (1), coot (27), great crested grebe (4), grey wagtail (1), kestrel (2), lapwing (3), linnet (1), long-tailed tit (1), mallard (106), moorhen (6), mute swan (7), skylark (1), swallow (12), willow warbler (4), woodcock (2), yellowhammer (1).

Wednesday 19 April
Black-headed gull (19), blackcap (6), Canada goose (9), chiffchaff (5), coal tit (1), collared dove (4), coot (28), green woodpecker (2), grey heron (1), greylag goose (1), kestrel (1), kingfisher (1), linnet (11), long-tailed tit (1), mallard (113), mute swan (7), swallow (6), willow warbler (5), woodcock (2), woodpigeon (69), yellowhammer (7).

Monday 17 April
Blackcap (2), chiffchaff (4), great spotted woodpecker (2), green woodpecker (1), grey partridge (2), jay (4), linnet (1), skylark (3), treecreeper (1), willow warbler (6), yellowhammer (10).

Friday, 21 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

A Cuckoo was new in today (Rod Heeley) and 2 Redshanks and a Little Ringed Plover were feeding on the wader scrape. (Dave Standish)

A House Martin was flying over Beech Avenue this evening (Geoff Miller)

Wintersett 21.04.17

6 - 13 degrees with 5/8 cloud and a cool north westerly.
Wintersett Res: A Little Egret flew over and left south.  Cetti's Warblers 5 males (possibly 6?).  Willow Tit 1 m east bank.  Sedge Warbler 2 m north bank.
Cold Hiendley SF: Yellow Wagtail 2.  Grey Wagtail 2.
Moorhouse Lane Pond: Lesser Whitethroat 1 m. 
Anglers CP: Wheatear 1 f. + 2 m Disp. Pt.   Curlew 1.   Swift 1. Common Sandpiper 1 + 1 CHRes..   Little Ringed Plover 1.   Teal 5.  Goldeneye 8.  Pochard 1 m. Wigeon 1 m + 1 f.   COMMON  TERN 2.  Psycho, the adult Yellow-legged Gull, was eating a Canada Goose egg again. 

The Edge 21/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 31 Greylag, 29 Canada Geese, 3 Shelduck, 44 Gadwall, 21 Tufted Duck, 14 Mallard, 14 Wigeon, 9 Shoveler, 7 Teal, 2 Goosander, 2 Little Grebe, 1 Little Egret, 1 Grey Heron, 8 Coot, 2 Moorhen, 6 Avocet, 4+ Lapwing, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 1 Common Sandpiper, 23 BH Gull, 3 Herring Gull, 4 Skylark, 2 Rook, 3 Pied Wagtail and 2 Linnet. A Willow Tit on Dove side and a Sedge Warbler on the corner pond were seen by K.Fisher.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 2 Mute Swan, 25 Canada Geese, 18 Greylag, 2 Shelduck, 14 Tufted Duck, 7 Pochard, 4 Teal, 1 Gadwall, 1 Wigeon, 1 Shoveler, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 9+ Little Grebe, 17 Coot, 2 Grey Heron, 1 Buzzard, 1 Kestrel, 5 Lapwing, 2 Redshank, 20+ Herring Gull and 2 Swift.
TPT -Got out the car at Old Moor RSPB entrance gates to see a a calling Whimbrel flying west. Singing males included 17 Willow Warbler, 11 Chiffchaff, 6 Blackcap, 1 Mistle Thrush and 1 yaffling Green Woodpecker.
Bolton Ings - Looking out backwards from the Cormorant Hide trying to locate the singing Cetti's Warbler, we were fortunate to see a fly through Hobby (12.10pm ). On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 4 Greylag, 1 Canada Goose, 8 Gadwall, 6 Pochard, 5 Tufted Duck, 4 Mallard, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 3 Little Grebe, 31 Coot and 300+ BH Gull. Also present were 1 Buzzard, 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Kestrel, 1 Jay, 3 Swift, 1 Grasshopper Warbler, 1 Whitethroat and 1 Lesser Whitethroat.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

New in today - Grasshopper Warbler reeling from the Western Meadow. Also of note Little Egret and Willow Tit singing.

Wintersett 20.04.17

8 - 15 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a cool, light westerly.
Wintersett Res:  Black-necked Grebe still present.   Reed Warbler 6 m + 1 m ACP.  Pochard 1m.   Grey Partridge 1 in CHfield.  Tawny Owl 1. 
Anglers CP: Sedge Warbler 1m.   Swift 2.   Goldeneye 10.  Shoveler 2.  Wigeon 1m + 1f.  Cormorant 7.  Common Sandpiper 1.  Snipe 2. Dunlin 1.  Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult.  
Lepidoptera: Red Admiral 1 WRes.

The Edge 20/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 13 Canada Geese, 7 Greylag, 2 Shelduck, 42 Gadwall, 27 Tufted Duck, 22 Mallard, 6 Shoveler, 6 Teal, 1 Goosander, 2 Little Grebe, 1 Little Egret, 9 Coot, 3 Moorhen, 8+ Lapwing, 3 Redshank, 2 Avocet, 1 Common Sandpiper, 15 BH Gull, c50 Sand Martin, 2 Swallow, 5+ Skylark, 3 Rook, 3 Pied Wagtail and 2 Linnet. K.Fisher also had aWillow Tit Dove side and a Sedge Warbler next to the corner pond.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 2 Mute Swan, 7 Canada Geese, 7 Greylag, 17 Gadwall, 17 Tufted Duck, 8 Mallard, 5 Pochard, 2 Shoveler, 2 Teal, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 6+ Little Grebe, 1 Cormorant,  17 Coot, 5 Moorhen, 2 Red Legged Partridge, 1 Kestrel, 9 Lapwing, 150+ BH Gull and 20 Herring Gull.
TPT - Singing Males 15 Willow Warbler, 10 Chiffchaff and 6 Blackcap.
Bolton Ings - On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 9+3y Greylag, 1 Canada Goose, 8 Tufted Duck, 6 Gadwall, 6 Pochard, 2 Mallard, 4 Great Crested Grebe, 3 Little Grebe, 51+4y Coot, 310+ BH Gull and 1 Common Gull. At least 2 Grasshopper Warblers were reeling. The bird reeling to the rear of the Cormorant Hide could also have been the bird reeling 30 metres away on the TPT. A definite second Grasshopper Warbler was reeling just to the west of the hide. Also present were 1 Kestrel, 2 singing Whitethroat , 1 House Martin, 1 Bullfinch and 1 flyover Lapwing.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Nothing different at Carlton Marsh, but on my way home a Lesser Whitethroat was singing over the traffic noise near Cudworth Bridges roundabout.

Buzzard harassed by a Carrion Crow (Richard Laverack)
Carlton Village
A Cuckoo over Dave Smith's garden at 10.06hrs was probably the bird Ian Hey saw yesterday at the Memorial Lake.

Wintersett 19.04.17

7 - 13 degrees with 4/8 cloud and a light south westerly.  A good variety of birds today with folk out covering all day.
Wintersett Res:  A Whitethroat was on the NE bank and a Grasshopper Warber was reeling in the south west corner (SDenny).  Reed Warbler 2 and  Redpoll 2.  ( PSmith).
Anglers CP: A singing Sedge Warbler was in the SW corner reeds. (SDenny) and another was on the north bank WRes. (PSmith)    Common Sandpiper 3.   Shoveler 3.  Teal 8.  Goldeneye 3.  A male Pochard was the first since March.   A  GREEN  SANDPIPER  on the shallows (Edwin L. of  FoHPW&W), is a new bird for the year list.   Also the first SWIFT of the year flew over (PSmith).  House Martin 20 over.  A Curlew was in the back fields.  A male Wheatear was in the golf course field (KBannister). 
Cold Hiendley SF: 5 Yellow Wagtails  (Chris Swaine).
Many thanks to all contributors.

                                           Wheatear          Golf Course Field      CSwaine

The Edge 19/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 1 Mute Swan, 31 Canada Geese, 28 Greylag, 1 Shelduck, 31 Gadwall, 27 Tufted Duck, 15 Wigeon, 12 Mallard, 11 Teal, 9 Shoveler, 1 Little Egret, 1 Grey Heron, 8 Coot, 2 Moorhen, 1 Sparrowhawk, 7 Lapwing, 4 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher, 2 Avocet, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 15 BH Gull, 5 Herring Gull, 3 Pied Wagtail, 1 White Wagtail, 2 Rook and 3 Linnet. K.Fisher had a Curlew over at 8.10am and  his latest ever Spring record for a Fieldfare on Doveside.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 2 Mute Swan, 9 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag, 23 Tufted Duck, 6 Mallard, 5 Pochard, 4 Gadwall, 4 Teal, 2 Wigeon, 6 Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 4 Sparrowhawk, 2 Kestrel, 1 Barn Owl, 18 Coot, 7 Moorhen, 5 Red Legged Partridge, 7 Lapwing, 160+ BH Gull and 14 Herring Gull.
TPT - Singing males 15 Willow Warbler, 14 Chiffchaff, 6 Blackcap, 1 Mistle Thrush and a yaffling Green Woodpecker. A Lesser Whitethroat was singing near the entrance gates to Old Moor RSPB.
Bolton Ings - Highlight was a reeling Grasshopper Warbler behind the hide. On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 4 Greylag, 3 Canada Geese, 15 Tufted Duck, 10 Pochard, 8 Gadwall, 3 Mallard, 4 Little Grebe, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 49+1y Coot, 1 Moorhen and c300 BH Gull. Also present were 1 Buzzard, 1 Kestrel, 2 Avocet through at 12.20pm, 1 Kingfisher and 1 Whitethroat.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Wintersett 18.04.17

5 - 8 degrees with sun, scattered cloud and a cool northerly this morning.
Wintersett Res: New in - a male Grasshopper Warbler  reeling on the east bank and a male Lesser Whitethroat,  on the north east bank, this morning.  The Black-necked Grebe, in breeding plumage,  was diving around a group of Tufted Ducks. off the east bank, near the stiles.    A Reed Warbler and 5 male Cetti's Warblers were heard. 
Anglers CP:  A Curlew dropped on an island for a short time.  A Yellow Wagtail flew over.  Teal 5.   Shoveler  7.  Goldeneye 8 + 3 WRes..  Wigeon 1m + 1f. 

                   Black-necked Grebe                     WRes.   CSwaine

Carlton Marsh

A cold, but sunny start to the day winds light from the north. 11 Willow Warblers were singing along with Reed Warbler, Willow Tit and Coal Tit amongst others. Herring Gulls rarely come down here, so it was especially pleasing to see 3 immatures having a wash and brush up on the wader scrape, before perching on the new goal post we put up last Thursday.

This year's first brood of Moorhen (Tony Harding)
Storrs Mill Wood Area
Grey Wagtail, 2 Buzzard, 2 Kestrel and 2 Coal Tit.
Butterflies included 2 Small Copper, 3 Red Admiral, 16 Peacock, 67 Small Tort and  27 Orange-tip. (Chris Parkin)

Sumer is icumen in ...

Local patch ~ Athersley Memorial Lake ~ cuckoo today ~ silent but showing well, looked like a female to me.  Also a couple of singing blackcaps.

The Edge 18/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 21 Greylag, 7 Canada Geese, 2 Shelduck, 35 Gadwall, 16 Tufted Duck, 16 Mallard, 10 Teal, 9 Wigeon, 9 Shoveler, 6 Coot, 5 Moorhen, 4 Lapwing, 3 Little Ringed Plover, 3 Redshank, 1 Greenshank, 1 Peregrine over at 8.45am, 6+ Skylark, 4 Rook amongst the Crows in the back field, 4 Wheatear, 2 Yellow Wagtail, 2 Pied Wagtail, 1 White Wagtail, 1 Meadow Pipit and 4 Linnet. Hirundines were more evident today with 30+ Sand Martin, 5 +Swallow and 2 House Martin over the sewage works in the north east corner.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 3 Mute Swan, 36 Canada Geese, 10 Greylag,  14+ Tufted Duck, 8 Gadwall, 5 Mallard, 5 Teal, 4 Wigeon, 3 Pochard, 1 Shoveler, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 4+ Little Grebe, 16 Coot, 2 Moorhen, 8+ Lapwing, 1 Avocet, 1 Redshank, 2 Common Sandpiper, 150+ BH Gull, 18 Herring Gull, 2 Buzzard and  1 Kestrel.
TPT - Singing males 13 Willow Warbler, 12 Chiffchaff, 6 Blackcap and 2 Mistle Thrush.
Bolton Ings - Highlight was the singing Whitethroat in front of the hide, On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 6 Greylag, 3 Canada Geese, 13 Tufted Duck, 6 Gadwall, 6 Pochard, 3 Mallard, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 3 Little Grebe, 45+3y Coot, 1 Moorhen and 320+ BH Gull. Also present were 3 Buzzard and 1 Kestrel.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

The site was covered pretty well most of the day by our regulars. Jim Plant had 2 singing Whitethroats this morning. The afternoon session produced a Reed Warbler and 2 Redshanks, but they were disturbed 2 foxes. 4 Buzzards were up together, 2 leaving west. (Dave Standish et al)

Cudworth Park
A Nuthatch was seen here again on an English Lime. (Rod Heeley)

Low Moor 17/4/17, S Green, J Wasse.

12-15 to 5pm. Cold but excellent visibility. The place to see Crossbill with the total of about 30 birds. Some showing well included 2 streaky immatures. Raptors, apart from 6+ Buzzards scarce. Merlin twice near pike lowe mobbed a Buzzard + a Sparrowhawk and 3 Kestrels. Also seen, - Raven 1, Woodcock 1, Grey Heron 1, LBB Gull 1, BH Gull 50+ included a flock of 45 over res., Oystercatcher 4, Snipe 3, GS Pecker 1, Siskin 5, Redpoll 2 and a cracking male Reed Bunting at the feeding station.

The Edge 17/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 17 Greylag, 16 Canada Geese, 28 Gadwall, 18 Tufted Duck, 15 Mallard, 14 Wigeon, 8 Teal, 8 Shoveler, 3 Pochard, 1 Goosander, 1 Grey Heron, 12 Coot, 1 Moorhen, 6 Lapwing, 2 Redshank, 1 Little Ringed Plover, 1 Dunlin, 6+ Skylark, c15 Swallow, 1 House Martin, 3 Rook, 2 Pied Wagtail, 1 White Wagtail, 3 Wheatear and 1 Mistle Thrush.
Broomhill Flash - Highlight was a Little Gull which was constantly harassed by Black Headed Gulls. Also present were 2 Mute Swans, 38 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag, 21 Tufted Duck, 17 Gadwall, 9 Pochard, 6 Teal, 2 Mallard, 1 Great Crested Grebe, 4+ Little Grebe, 1 Grey Heron, 13 Coot, 2 Moorhen, 4 Red Legged Partridge, 2 Buzzard, 10+ Lapwing, c180 BH Gull, 2 Herring Gull, 1 Willow Warbler and a Swift ( picked up by S.Roebuck over Wombwell Ings )
Warbler Way - Singing males 18 Chiffchaff, 16 Willow Warbler, 9 Blackcap, 2 Song Thrush and 1 yaffling Greeen Woodpecker.
 Bolton Ings - On the open water were 3 Mute Swan, 14 Greylag, 7 Canada Geese, 30 Tufted Duck, 8 Gadwall, 8 Pochard, 7 Mallard, 5 Great Crested Grebe, 4 Little Grebe, 62+4y Coot, 1 Moorhen, c320 BH Gull and 1 LBB Gull. Also present were 1 Cormorant, 3 Kestrel, 3 Buzzard and 2 Grey Wagtail.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

The cool conditions appear to be holding migrants back with the exception of a few Swallows, Lesser Black-backed Gulls and a newly arrived Reed Warbler. Kingfisher and Buzzard were around and 2 Little Ringed Plover and 2 Redshank were on the Wader Scrape.

Easter Sunday 16/4/17.

Wilthorpe Marsh,- Very steady with Green Sandpiper, Little Egret, a feeding flock of 8 Yellow Buntings and Green Pecker the highlights. Low Moor,- very steady and spoilt by constant drizzle and poor light. 6 Crossbills were down to drink in low moor field. Buzzard 5, Kes 2, Snipe 9 and a Siskin at the feeding station. J.Wasse had 25 Crossbills and 2 Ravens this a.m.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

On the wader scrape today were Little Ringed Plover, 2 pairs of Lapwing, Little Egret, 6 Teal and 2 Redshanks copulating. A Willow Tit was singing from territory and a ringed bird was calling from another near the hide.

Scout Dyke - 15/4/17

4 - 5:30p.m  - 8 degrees (Cool wind)  Swallow c20, House Martin 1, Chiffchaff4, Willow Warbler 3, Blackcap 2, Willow Tit 1, Coal Tit 1, Blue Tit 4, Great Tit 1, Robin 4, Song Thrush 1, Chaffinch 6, Yellowhammer 2, Bullfinch (pair), Goldfinch 4, Curlew 1, Dabchick 3, G-Crested 2, Tufted 4, Mallard 6, Coot 5, Moorhen 3, Woodpigeon c50, B-H-Gull 12, Wren 4, Kestrel 1, Carrion Crow 2, Magpie 2

Friday, 14 April 2017

Good Friday cont. 14/4/17.

Woolley Dam. - Quiet but the GS Peckers a bit livelier with 3 birds. One was a male which showed well and drummed briefly. 6 singing Blackcaps, 1 singing Goldcrest, Buzzard. Wilthorpe Marsh west. - 1 Little Ringed Plover down will hopefully turn into a breeding bird, 25 House Martins and 3 Swallows at the sewage farm. No sign of any owls.

Low Moor 14/4/17. J Wasse, S Green.

1-45 to 4-45pm. Changeable weather and ended quite cold but excellent light. Goshawk 1 went s. over ewden height, Peregrine 2 possibly 3, Sparrowhawk 2+, Buzzard 5, Kestrel 2, Crossbill 15+ some showing well, Siskin 6, Raven 1, Oystercatcher 3, Snipe 5, Herring Gull 6, BH Gull 5.

Wintersett Good Friday

Highlight was a breeding-plumaged Black-necked Grebe on the Country Park, closely followed by a Marsh Harrier which flew low westwards over the CP and over the Top Res at 10.30.
Goldeneye 21 are still present, Oystercatcher 6 and the first Reed Warbler of spring was singing from the boathouse reedbed. Another highlight is the number of Sand Martins feeding over the lakes - minimums of 600 over the Country Park and 300 over the Top Res and a minimum total of 900 is an extremely high count in spring - at least 10 holes are currently being excavated in the nesting box.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Wintersett 13.04.17

7 - 11 degrees with scattered cloud and a light westerly.
Anglers CP:  Common Sandpiper 1.  Sand Martin 400.  Goldeneye 12 + 2 WRes..  Flying over: - a Redpoll, a Siskin and 2 Fieldfare.
Wintersett Res:  5 male Cetti's Warblers.  The north bank bird was heard on the north east bank and then tracked back to the north bank. 

The Edge 13/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 35 Canada Geese, 13 Greylag, 2 Shelduck, 27 Gadwall, 18 Tufted Duck, 17 Shoveler, 11 Teal, 11 Mallard, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Red Legged Partridge, 7 Coot, 6 Lapwing, 2 Oystercatcher, 2 Common Sandpiper, 1 Redshank, 1 Little Ringed Plover, 8 BH Gull, 5+ Sand Martin, 1 House Martin, 2 Wheatear, 6+ Skylark, 1 Meadow Pipit and 3 Linnet.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 2 Mute Swan, 22 Canada Geese, 17 Tufted Duck, 11 Mallard, 6 Gadwall, 5 Pochard, 3 Teal, 4+ Little Grebe, 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Kestrel, 1 Little Owl, 23 Coot, 5 Moorhen, 9 Lapwing, 2 Oystercatcher,  c160 BH Gull, 83 Herring Gull, 15 Swallow, c20 Sand Martin and 2 Mistle Thrush. Two Willow Warbler and 1 Whitethroat were singing in the carpark area.
TPT - Singing males 13 Chiffchaff, 12 Willow Warbler, 5 Blackcap and 1 Song Thrush. Also a Sparrowhawk.
Bolton Ings - On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 4 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag, 11 Tufted Duck, 8 Gadwall, 6 Mallard, 6 Pochard, 4 Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 54+3y Coot, c220 BH Gull and 1 Common Gull. Also present were 1 Little Egret, 1 Buzzard, c40 Sand Martin, 2 Swallow, 1 Jay, 1 Grey Wagtail and 3 Reed Bunting.


Six Wheatears on the flying club airfield this afternoon and at least 15 Swallow feeding over the res.
At Carlecoates, 2 House Martin north.
Yesterday, Jeff Lunn had an Osprey over Langsett at 1640 being mobbed by two Oystercatcher.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

Little Egret, 2 Redshank and Snipe were on the wader scrape today. 2 Water Rails called from the marsh along with a male Tawny that later flew across the scrape at dusk. Raptors included Buzzard and Sparrowhawk.

High Risk Species - Records for 2017 Please!

In January this year a meeting at Old Moor involved key players/landowners to discuss the state of Barnsley's most threatened breeding species and what could be done to hang on to these. The meeting involved RSPB, Garganey Trust, Barnsley MBC (Russ) and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Pete Wall). Yorkshire Water are involved via YWT initially at the Sewage Works Sites but hopefully at the upland reservoirs. At the end of this breeding year we need to know the breeding populations of certain High Risk Species that we can put an action plan together and possibly attract funding to do something. Since the Atlas Survey the populations of High Risk Species have declined further and while we will not be able to do much about some species, others we could do something hopefully via management or nest boxes for Flycatchers around the upland reservoirs.
For info the following are the High Risk Species discussed, with 2014 populations (thanks to Martin Wells).
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (2-5 pr), Wood Warbler (5 territories), Pied Flycatcher (5 territories), Spotted Flycatcher (9 territories), Yellow Wagtail (2 territories), Tree Pipit (28 territories) and Lesser Redpoll (6 territories).
It appears Whinchat has not bred in the Barnsley Area in 2015/16?
Also, we need to keep monitoring the Willow Tit population, so keep putting these on this blog please.
We will need site locations or map refs if possible but not for LS Woodpecker - just the wood.
Records can go onto this blog as daily records, to Carl Dixon - Recorder, to Martin Wells and/or to me.
Thanks everyone and lets see what we can turn up here.

Wintersett 12.04.17

5 - 10 degrees with sun, scattered cloud and a moderate, cold  north westerly.
Wintersett Res:  Swallow 3 + 2 ACP.   Good numbers of Sand Martins over here and ACP - 550 in total.  House Martin 2.
Anglers CP:  Wigeon 1m + 1f..  Goldeneye 10 + 3 WRes..  Shoveler 6.

The Edge 12/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 31 Canada Geese, 11 Greylag, 1 Shelduck, 25 Gadwall, 17 Tufted Duck, 16 Shoveler, 11 Mallard, 12 Wigeon, 8 Teal, 3 Pochard, 6 Coot, 1 Great Crested Grebe, 6Lapwing, 4 Golden Plover in breeding plumage, 4 Redshank, 4 Little Ringed Plover, 3 Oystercatcher, 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Curlew over 9.10 am, 6 Skylark, 7 Sand Martin, 4 Wheatear, 3 Pied Wagtail and 2 Linnet. Singing in the park were Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Blackcap.
Broomhill Flash - I would like to thank Peter Kent (PWK ) for diligently recording his sightings in the log book. They form the basis of my reports for the flash. His early morning visits are often more productive than  for those who follow later in the day, For instance, today he had a Grey Plover through at 8.33am and a Curlew came in at 8.18am and stayed until 9.10am. Also present were 2 Mute Swan, 33 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag,16 Tufted Duck, 11 Pochard, 8 Gadwall, 5 Mallard, 3 Teal, 3 Shoveler, 1 Wigeon, 9 Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Cormorant, 2 Red Legged Partridge, 12 Coot, 5 Moorhen, 1 Kestrel, 1 Sparrowhawk, 160+ BH Gull. 88 Herring Gull, 4 LBB Gull, 66 Sand Martin and 3 House Martin. Two Willow Warbler and 1 Mistle Thrush were singing in the carpark.
TPT - Singing males 15 Chiffchaff, 9 Willow Warbler and 5 Blackcap.
Bolton Ings - On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 4 Greylag, 1 Canada Goose, 13 Pochard,  12 Tufted Duck, 6 Mallard, 6 Gadwall, 4 Great Crested Grebe, 2 Little Grebe, 1 Cormorant, 46 Coot +4 young, 260+ BH Gulland 3 LBB Gull. Also present were 1 Kestrel, 1 Sparrowhawk, and 1 Willow Tit.

Alan Cawthrow

It is with a deep sadness that we have to announce the death of Alan Cawthrow who passed away at his Goldthorpe home yesterday. A well known character around his birding haunts of Old Moor (it was always Wath to Alan) and more recently Adwick on Dearne as well as at Spurn Point. His acidic wit meant he was always blunt, straight to the point but everything in his life was infused with humour, meet up with Al and a session of laughter was guaranteed to follow. His killer one-liners are legendary amongst those fortunate enough to have been in his company.

Alan or Judas as he was widely known (due to his teenage resemblance to a certain rock band, nothing to do with his actions) took on the role of recorder for BBSG from 2007 and compiled and wrote every BBSG annual report from that year until the last one published in 2012.

He will be missed but the character of the guy means he will not be forgotten

RIP 'Judas' mate.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

Very little different today.

Diptera (True Flies) sent from J.D. Coldwell recently

Sciophila hirta 1 male taken 3/4/17 was the 5th record for Barnsley

Sarcophaga (Helicophagella) rosellei 1 8/4/17 was new to Yorkshire

The Edge 11/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Walked through Broomhill Park to the sound of singing Mistle Thrush, Chiffchaff, Blackcap and Willow Warbler plus a Kestrel flying overhead. On the Ings were 2 Mute Swan, 28 Canada Geese, 6 Greylag, 2 Shelduck, 27 Gadwall, 21 Tufted Duck, 14 Shoveler, 12 Teal, 8 Mallard, 1 Goosander, 6 Coot, 1 Moorhen, 1 Buzzard, 2 Sparrowhawk, 6 Lapwing, 3 Redshank, 2 Common Sandpiper, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 15 BH Gull, 4 Sand Martin, 2 House Martin, 2 Swallow, 3 Meadow Pipit and 2 stunning male Wheatear.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 2 Mute Swan, 21 Canada Geese, 1 Shelduck, 18 Tufted Duck, 8 Gadwall, 5 Mallard, 4 Teal, 2 Pochard, 1 Wigeon, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 4+ Little Grebe, 1 Buzzard, 1 Sparrowhawk, 2 Grey Heron, 1 Little Egret, 16 Lapwing, 1 Oystercatcher, 150+ BH Gull, 70 Herring Gull, 40+ Sand Martin, 8+ Swallow and 2 House Martin.
TPT - Singing males 12 Chiffchaff, 9 Willow Warbler and 4 Blackcap. Also 1 Jay.
Bolton Ings - The first Coot chicks were seen today with broods of 2 and 3 noted amongst a total of 51 adult birds. On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 3 Greylag, 5 Tufted Duck, 5 Mallard, 4 Gadwall, 4 Pochard, 3 Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Cormorant, 190+ BH Gull, 1 Herring Gull and 1 Common Gull. Also present were 1 Kestrel, 2 Redshank over, 1 Kingfisher, 8+ Sand Martin, 1 Song Thrush and 2 Reed Bunting.

Wintersett 11.04.17

5 - 11 degrees, cold with 6/8 increasing cloud and a brisk westerly.
Anglers CP:  A Common Sandpiper was on the north bank.  300 Sand Martins were over the lake this morning.  A Jack Snipe was in the golf course field.  A Swallow was seen + 2 over CHRes..  Snipe 2.    Meadow Pipit 6 N.
Cold Hiendley Res: A Grey Wagtail was on the spillway. 
Wintersett Res:  House Martin 1.   Redpoll 1.  Goldeneye 6. A pair of Cetti's Warblers were in the boathouse reeds/bench area.  Recently, they have been showing well and fairly frequently.
Diptera : A Bee-fly was in the boathouse bench area.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Wintersett 10.04.17

7 - 11 degrees, cool  with 3/8 increasing cloud and a cool north westerly.
Wintersett Res: 5 male Cetti's Warblers were singing around the area.    (Keith Bannister heard a male Cetti's singing on the Pol ACP - possibly the boathouse reeds bird?)  150 Sand Martins were feeding over and around.   Redpoll 4.  Shelduck 4 dropped on late morning.

Carlton Marsh

2 Little Ringed Plover were with 2 Redshank, 13 Teal and 2 Lapwing on the wader Scrape this afternoon. A Swallow came in just as I was leaving and a Fox with a damaged right eye was seen  earlier.
The highlight of the day was a Bee Fly, it settled on bare ground just in front of me. J. D. Coldwell had one the other day a little further along the embankment and another one at Rabbit Ings yesterday. The latter are the first records for the reserve.

The Edge 10/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 2 Mute Swan, 32 Canada Geese, 9 Greylag, 29 Tufted Duck, 14 Gadwall, 12 Shoveler, 10 Teal, 9 Wigeon, 8 Mallard, 1 Pochard, 1 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Grey Heron, 11 Coot, 4 Oystercatcher, 3 Little Ringed Plover, 3 Lapwing, 2 Redshank, 1 Bar Tailed Godwit, 1 Common Sandpiper, 4 BH Gull, 1 LBB Gull, 8 Skylark, 1 Blackcap and 1 Chiffchaff.
Broomhill Flash - Highlight was a Peregrine through at 10.45 am. Also noted were 2 Mute Swan, 29 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag, 15 Pochard, 12 Tufted Duck, 9 Gadwall, 8 Mallard, 2 Teal, 2 Wigeon, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 6+ Little Grebe, 2 Cormorant, 1 Red Legged Partridge, 12 Coot, 1 Moorhen, 16, Lapwing, 1 Redshank,  160+ BH Gull and 12 Herring Gull. Also seen early AM were 2 LBB Gull, 1 GBB Gull, 60 Sand Martin, 10 Swallow and 2 House Martin.
TPT - From the entrance gates to Old Moor Rspb  3 Black Tailed Godwits could be seen flying west. CB radio confirmed these were not part of the group of 5 Blackwits on the reserve. Singing males included 11 Chiffchaff, 6 Willow Warbler, 3+ Blackcap and1 yaffling Green Woodpecker. Also 1 Jay.
Bolton Ings - As Spring progresses fewer and fewer waterfowl can be seen on the eastern pool. On the open water were 3 Mute Swan, 5 Greylag, 15 Tufted Duck, 5 Pochard, 6 Mallard, 2 Gadwall, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 2 Little Grebe, 46 Coot, 1 Moorhen,  c220 BH Gull, 3 LBB Gull and 1 Common Gull. Also present were 1 Grey Heron, 1 Buzzard, 2 Red Legged Partridge, 1 Kingfisher and 2 Grey Wagtail.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Edderthorpe area

Saturday & Sunday
It's WeBS weekend again so all wildfowl have been counted, the following are the highlights;

Edderthorpe & Houghton
Mute Swan 6, Pink-footed Goose 1, Greylag Goose 17, Shelduck 3, Mallard 100, Gadwall 95, Shoveler 27, Teal 46, Wigeon 1, Tufted 48, Cormorant 5, Little Grebe 4, Little Egret 4, Grey Heron 2, Coot 62 + 5 young, Moorhen 45, Lapwing 53, Common Snipe 20, Little Ringed Plover 1, Golden Plover 3, Redshank 8, Kingfisher 2, a pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls have taken residency of the island. A Common Tern on Sunday is the first of spring.
A Raven went over calling at great height heading north-east on Saturday at 16.15 (AStonier). The first Whitethroat was singing on Sunday and Blackcap 12, Willow Warbler 7 and Chiffchaff 10 are all singing.

Ferry Moor & Cudworth Common
Mute Swan 2, Greylag Goose 17, Mallard 37, Teal 11, Gadwall 13, Tufted 9, Pochard 11, Moorhen 27, Coot 18, Little Grebe 2, Grey Heron 3, Cormorant 1, Lapwing 55, Little Ringed Plover 4, Ringed Plover 10, Redshank 12, Kingfisher 1.

Ewden 9/4/17 add on.

Almost forgot. 1 pair of Merlin.

Wintersett WeBS April 2017

Here are the WeBS totals for the Wintersett Area  09.04.17

Mute Swan 8   Canada Goose 43   Greylag Goose 5   Cormorant 4   Coot 77   Moorhen 11   Teal 6   Mallard 37   Shoveler 32   Tufted Duck 206   Goldeneye 15   Gadwall 39   Great Crested Grebe 14   Little Grebe 1   Grey Heron 2   Lapwing 27   Oystercatcher 4   Kingfisher 1

Ewden cabin and return. D Simmonite, S Green 9/4/17.

11am to 5pm. Steady birding but enjoyable in warm sunshine. The wrong place for the midday osprey but 3 Peregrines which had single adult and a pair showing well included an imm. fem. Buzzard 6+, Kestrels scarce, just one. Ravens 14+ which included an impressive group of 13. Golden Plover 2, heard only, 1 chipping Snipe heard only, Swallow 1 pair on territory at the lodge, singing Willow Warbler 4, Stock Dove 2+, Meadow Pipit 25+. The tarn center Pied Wagtail roost is still on Market Hill in front of the no.7 pub. Numbers have reduced, presumably from breeding movements with about 200 on Friday night and about 150 on Saturday night.

Wintersett 09.04.17

Sunny with 0/8 cloud,  10 - 18 degrees with a very light south easterly this morning.  Pretty quiet birdwise.
Wintersett Res: Cetti's Warbler 5 m.  Yellow-legged Gull 1 2ndW over.  Snipe 1 + 1 Old Royston Flash.
Haw Park Wood: Golden Plover 35 over.
Anglers CP:   Swallow 1.  Green Woodpecker 2.  Meadow pipit 1 N.  
Lepidoptera:  Greeen-veined White 1,  Holly Blue 1,  Brimstone 3m.   
 Anglers CP Evening Update:  300 Sand Martin were over the lake,  per Paul Meredith

Carlton Marsh

It was another wonderful weather day with wall to wall sunshine until mid - afternoon and a maximum temperature of 22.1c.
An early start for the Common Bird Census produced the following singing birds; Wren 16, Robin, 12, Chiffchaff 14, Blackcap 12, Willow Warbler 4, Coal Tit 1, Skylark 6 etc.
Our resident pair of Redshanks were on the wader scrape with a pair of displaying Lapwings, Buzzard was up and Peregrine was seen nearby. There are still 7 Teal and a pair of Tufted Duck with at least 6 Greylags and c20 Canada Geese.

Hirundines have been scarce here - no Swallow yet, but a Sand Martin flew over Geoff Miller's home this afternoon (about half a mile east of the reserve).
3 Hares were boxing on adjacent arable land and a Fox was hunting the disused rail bank.

The Wildfowl Counts for today were; Mute Swan 2, Canada Goose 34, Greylag 12, Coot 8, Moorhen 5, Teal 7, Mallard 7, Gadwall 23, Cormorant 2, Grey Heron 2, Redshank 2, Lapwing 2, Tufted Duck 2. (Dave Standish)

A Swallow was feeding over the Wader Scrape this evening. (Tony Harding)
Bee Fly at Rabbit Ings, 8th April

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Newmillerdam - 8 April 2017

This is a bit more like it! After a couple of weeks with my visits coinciding with poor weather or being a bit rushed and there not being much about, today was a glorious day of constant birdsong. Recorded 44 birds today, my highest total since 12th March

Swallow and willow warbler were added as the 73rd and 74th species of the year. Recorded grey heron for the eighth time this year also as it flew over heading north-east. Think I've seen one perched up on site only once this year so far with the other seven records all in flight.

Black-headed gull (16), blackcap (2), buzzard (2), Canada goose (8), carrion crow (41+), chiffchaff (15), coot (27), great crested grebe (4), great spotted woodpecker (3), grey heron (1), grey wagtail (3), herring gull (1), jay (8), mallard (135), mistle thrush (1), moorhen (5), mute swan (7), skylark (4), song thrush (2), stock dove (2), swallow (1), whooper swan (1), willow warbler (4), yellowhammer (2).

Carlton Marsh

Today was the warmest this year so far with a high of 20.9c (my garden)
This morning our first Little Ringed Plover of the year left north from wader scrape. Also present Redshank, a pair of lapwing and at least 3 pairs of Coot on eggs. A fourth pair feeding 4 young were possibly the earliest we have ever had! 4 male Blackcap and 4 male Willow Warbler were singing with around 15 Chiffchaff. (J. Pant/DM Smith/R Laverack)
Butterflies included 5 male Brimstone. (R. Hibbert)

Storrs Mill Wood Area
Kingfisher, 2 Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, singing Coal Tit, Song and Mistle Thrush, Willow Warbler and a pair breeding Grey Wagtails.
Insects included Red Admiral, Large White, Peacock 15, Small Tort 47, Comma 12, Brimstone 10, Orange-tip 26, Pied Shield bug and Bee Fly. (Chris Parkin) 

Wintersett 08.04.17

Frosty start but up to 18 degrees this afternoon.  Hot and sunny with a very light south westerly.
Anglers CP: Shoveler 23.  Snipe 1. 
Wintersett Res: 5 singing male Cetti's around the area.  Grey Wagtail 2 m + 1 f on spillway.  Greylag Goose 7 over. 
Cold Hiendley Res: Grey Heron 4.  Canada Goose 2. 
Disposal Point Fields:   WHEATEAR 1m.  Grey Partridge 2.
Lepidoptera:  Holly Blue west bank WRes.  Brimstone 3m ACP.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

3 Little Egrets were on the wader scrape (Keith Bannister)

Wintersett 07.04.17

8 - 11 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a cold north westerly wind this morning.  Sunny and warm from mid afternoon.
Disposal Point: The male and the female Wheatear were still present in the ploughed field opposite Horncastle Farm.
Anglers CP:  2 Curlew were in for a wash and brush up + 1 flew west.  2 Redpollover west.  Teal 3 m + 2 f.  Common Gull 1 1stW.
Cold Hiendley:  Grey Heron 3 adults + 1 1stW.   Tawny Owl 1
Wintersett Res:   A 2nd CY Yellow-legged Gull left west 07:05.  The first Swallow perched  on the wires was in Wintersett Village + 1 flew  north.  The male Cetti'sWarbler was seen with a female in the boathouse reeds, proving that looks aren't everything!   
Mammal:  A Weasel was seen on CHRes..

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

The highlights today were Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank and a singing Reed Warbler (our earliest ever, beating the previous record of 18/4/12) and 6 singing Willow Warbler. Barn Owl was hunting from 19.44hrs. (R. Heeley/D. Standish)

Butterflies included 21 male Orange-tip, 10 Speckled Wood, Small White, Green Veined White, 7 Comma and 2 Peacock. (Chris Parkin) 

Wintersett 06.04.17

5 - 9 degrees with cloud increasing from 4/8 to 8/8 by midday and a cold north westerly wind.
Disposal Point: A male and a female Wheatear were seen in the field opposite Horncastle Farm by Chris Swaine. A new bird for the year!  Siskin 1 west  + 1 north over WRes.  A Green Woodpecker was yaffling + 1 Hare Park
Anglers CP: Shoveler 19 + 4 CHRes..  Cormorant 4.   9 holes have now been excavated in the Sand Martin Box.
Wintersett Res: Cetti's Warbler 5 singing males. The Cetti's on the ruin is ringed, presumably the one caught and ringed on Saturday, roving on the west bank.  Visitors reported  the boathouse reeds short tailed bird was seen with a tailed Cetti's this morning.   Grey Wagtail 1 on spillway.
Cold Hiendley Res: Wigeon 1 male.
Lepidoptera: The first 2 Speckled Wood butterflies were near the boathouse.
Male  Wheatear                             Disposal Point   CSwaine.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Ringing Recovery

Reed Bunting
X076247   3f   28/09/2015  Carlton Marsh NR.
                   v    07/01/2017  Swindon STW, Swindon (Wiltshire}.
226 km S. 467 days.

Carlton Marsh

Much as yesterday Little Egret with 2 Redshanks and 2 Ringed Plovers on the wader scrape.
What on earth is happening to Fieldfare? Very few were seen during the winter months and for the first time in 45 years none were seen here in March!

A Fox was prowling around the wader scrape this aft. (Rod Heeley)

Wintersett 05.04.17

10 - 13 degrees with cloud increasing from 4/8 to 8/8 and a cool north westerly wind.
Anglers CP: A Jack Snipe was in the Golf Course Field.  2 Curlews were in the back field.  Teal 1m + 1 f.. 
Disposal Point: Green Woodpecker 1. 
Cold Hiendley Res: Canada Goose 1.  Wigeon 1 m.
Wintersett Res:  Cetti's Warblers 5 males -  ruin area,  boathouse reeds,  west bank,  south east corner and north bank.   Grey Wagtail 1 over.   Greylag Goose 4 over.

Ingbirchworth Area

Browns Edge-4th April - 4pm
3 female Northern Wheatears.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

The highlights of today were 2 Redshank, Little Egret, 2 Buzzard, Kingfisher, 3 singing Willow Warbler and Barn Owl hunting from 19.46hrs. (D. Standish)

The Edge 04/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 43 Canada Geese, 24 Greylag, 2 Shelduck, 25 Wigeon, 21 Tufted Duck, 18 Shoveler, 16 Gadwall, 13 Teal, 11 Mallard, 5 Pochard, 1 female Goosander, 1 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Little Egret, 11 Coot, 4 Moorhen, 6 Lapwing, 5 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Little Ringed Plover, 1 Golden Plover, 1 Bar Tailed Godwit, 13 BH Gull, 8 Skylark, 2 Pied Wagtail, 1 Meadow Pipit and 1 singing Blackcap.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 2 Mute Swan, 2 Shelduck, 21 Tufted Duck, 15+ Wigeon, 14 Shoveler, 11 Gadwall, 7 Teal, 7 Mallard, 6 Pochard, 1 Goldeneye, 10 Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 2 Cormorant, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Little Egret, 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Kestrel, 1 Little Owl, 21 Coot, 3 Moorhen, 10+ Lapwing, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Green Sandpiper, and 16+ Sand Martin.
TPT - Singing males 14 Chiffchaff, 5 Willow Warbler and 2 Blackcap. Also 2 Jay and 1 Kestrel..
Warbler Way - ( K.Foundation ) Singing males 8 Blackcap, 2 Willow Warbler and 1 Cetti's Warbler. Also 4 Willow Warbler around Manvers Lake.
Bolton Ings - On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 5 Greylag, 3 Canada Geese, 10 Tufted Duck, 8 Mallard, 8 Pochard, 6 Gadwall, 4 Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 59 Coot, 1 Moorhen and 82 BH Gull. Also present were 1 Kingfisher, 3+ Sand Martin, 1 House Martin ( through 12.45pm ) and 1 Grey Wagtail.

Wintersett 04.04.17

6 - 10 degrees, with sun,  some light cloud and north westerly breeze.
Anglers CP:  A Little Egret flew west at 09.50hrs.  Teal 3 and Great Crested Grebe 7.
Wintersett Res: 5 male Cetti's Warblers around the area.  Grey Wagtail 1m + 1f  on the spillway + 1 m CHSF.   Willow Tit 1m north east corner.

Cetti's Warbler male, short tailed- Boathouse Reeds    WRes.   ASmith

Monday, 3 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

It was another wonderful day with plenty of sunshine and a high of 18c. 2 Redshank, 2 Lapwing and Ringed Plover were on the wader scrape. There were at least 2 Willow Warbler singing, Blackcap and Willow Tit.
 Willow Warbler (Richard Laverack)
Resident Buzzard (Richard Laverack)

Butterflies included 10 Orange-tips, Brimstone, Peacock, Speckled Wood, 2 Small White and Comma.

Rabbit Ings -Yesterday 2/4/17
7 Buzzards up riding the thermals (Mick Birkinshaw)

Wintersett 03.04.17

7 - 12 degrees with sun,  4/8 cloud and a south westerly breeze.
Anglers CP:  An AVOCET  flew in, calling, and landed on the water at 08.50hrs.  It swam around picking insects from the surface of the water  and attracted the attention of a couple of Black-headed Gulls.  The Avocet flew off north at 09.15hrs.    6 of the Sand Martin Box holes are well dug out already.    Shoveler 17 + 4 WRes..  Teal 2.  Curlew 1.
Wintersett Res:  5 singing male Cetti's were around the area. 
Cold Hiendley SF: Chris Swaine had the first YELLOW  WAGTAIL  of the year,  a male, this afternoon.
Lepidoptera:  Peacock 1.
2 new birds for the year list today.

Yellow Wagtail - male       CHSF         CSwaine

The Edge 03/04/2017

Wombwell Ings - Present were 43 Canada Geese, 16 Greylag, 2 Shelduck, 42 Wigeon, 17 Tufted Duck,14 Gadwall, 14 Teal, 13 Mallard, 9 Shoveler, 4 Pochard, 4 Goosander, 11 Coot, 4 Moorhen, 8+ Lapwing, 4 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Little Ringed Plover, 1 Bar Tailed Godwit, 14 BH Gull, 10 Skylark, 1 Wheatear and 5 Meadow Pipit. In Broomhill Park were 1 Mistle Thrush, 1 Goldcrest and 1 singing Blackcap plus 2 Grey Wagtail in the Greensand Dyke. K.Fisher also had 2 Kingfisher and 1 Willow Tit on Dove side.
Broomhill Flash - Noted were 2 Mute Swan, 44 Canada Geese, 3 Greylag, 37 Wigeon, 29 Tufted Duck, 6 Gadwall, 5 Mallard, 4 Shoveler, 4 Teal, 1 Goldeneye, 17 Coot, 5 Moorhen, 4+ Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Cormorant, 2 Red Legged Partridge, 17 Lapwing, 5 Golden Plover, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Redshank, 1 Snipe, 1 Little Owl, 1 Barn Owl, c200 BH Gull, 2 GBB Gull, 2 LBB Gull, 1 Swallow and 3 Sand Martin.
Warbler Way - Singing males 22 Chiffchaff, 4 Blackcap, 2 yaffling Green Woodpecker + 1 Jay.
Bolton Ings - On the open water were 3 Mute Swan, 5 Greylag, 5 Canada Geese, 9 Tufted Duck, 9 Gadwall, 8 Pochard, 5 Mallard, 1 Shoveler, 51 Coot and 170+ BH Gull. Also present were 2 Buzzard, 3 Kestrel, 1 Kingfisher, 1 Grey Wagtail and 2 Willow Tit.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Wintersett Raptor Fest 02.04.17

A cool 5 degrees  with 4/8 cloudy this morning  to a warm and sunny 14 degrees this afternoon.
Anglers CP Vis. Mig 07.30 - 12.00hrs:
6 raptor species were seen this morning with 3  new birds for the year list. 
A SPARROWHAWK  was over Haw Park Wood followed not long after by RED  KITE   at 07.40hrs.  KESTREL was mobbing a BUZZARD.   An OSPREY zoomed through north at 10.00hrs.   A PEREGRINE  was blogging  over at 11.10hrs being buzzed by a MERLIN, which left north at 11.15hrs.  
The first HOUSE  MARTIN of the year was seen.     Sand Martin 55 around and 20 north.   Meadow Pipit 67 north.    Fieldfare 9, Redwing 18     Around 50 Golden Plover flew over north west.
Anglers CP:  2 Curlews were in back field.  A Green Woodpecker was calling + 1 was heard in the Willow Wood WRes.   Goldeneye  40 + 10 WRes..  Shoveler 16.  Goldeneye 40 + 10 WRes..  Willow Warbler 1 +  1 WRes.. Water Rail 1.   35 Linnets were in the Golf Course field.
Haw Park Wood:  Redpoll 150.
Cold Hiendley Area:  Grey Wagtail  2 + Tawny Owl 1.
Wintersett Res: Kingfisher 2.     5 male Cetti's Warblers were singing around the area.
WRes.Ringing Highlights: A ringed male Cetti's Warbler was retrapped this morning. This bird is present for its 4th breeding season.  An unringed male Cetti's Warbler, from the ruin perhaps,   braving the wrath of the regular male,was also ringed along with a female Cetti's Warbler.   A Willow Warbler, 3 Chiffchaffs and a Reed Bunting were also ringed. 

Male Cetti's Warbler ringed WRes 02.04.17      RBailey

Low Moor corner 2/4/17.

1-30 to 4-30pm. Ideal viewing conditions with a decent list, just missing a top raptor. Peregrine the best + 4 Buzzards, Sprawk and Kes. Also 10 Crossbills with some showing well in conifers. Raven 2, Oystercatcher 3+, Siskin 4, Swallow 1, thin on Snipe, just 1. 1 drumming GS Pecker, Teal 2 dropped onto res. 3 Pheasants at feeding station under bush and a critter here, some kind of small mouse. Not much at woolley dam this a.m. but a pair of Gadwall a first for the area.

Wintersett 01.04.17

7 - 13 degrees, but felt much colder on Vis.Mig Hill,  mainly cloudy with a light shower mid morning and a westerly breeze.
We are starting April with a year list of 116 after adding    more in March
Anglers CP Vis. Mig 06.30 - 12.00hrs.:  REDWING 565 south (!?)  + 3 WRes.  Swallow 1 south and Meadow Pipit 19 north west.  Fieldfare 25 east.  An adult Peregrine flew overhead south west.
Anglers CP: Willow Tit 1 + 1 WRes.. Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult + 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull.  Willow Warbler 1 (Pol).  Shoveler 6.  Greylag Goose 9 flew south east.   Water Rail 1.   Snipe 1.   A Curlew was 'bubbling' in the back field. Great Crested Grebe 6.
Wintersett Res: 5 singing male Cetti's Warblers around the area.
Lepidoptera:  A male Orange Tip was on Haw Park Lane.
Chris Swaine took these shots of the Peregrine as it flew in close.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Carlton Marsh

A Ringed Plover was feeding with 2 Redshank this afternoon and 3 Buzzards were up together. (D. Standish & G. Miller)


Ring Ouzel 7,Mistle Thrush 4,Song Thrush 1,Tree Creeper 3,Nuthatch 1,Crossbill 3 Loads of Siskin,no Weatears?

Newmillerdam - 1 April 2017

First blackcap of the year was today's highlight. Seven chiffchaff too.

Black-headed gull (2), blackcap (1), Canada goose (12), chiffchaff (7), coot (27), great crested grebe (2), greylag goose (5), jackdaw (4), mallard (100), moorhen (8), mute swan (7), rook (2), skylark (1), whooper swan (1).